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4 Steps for Setting Academic Goals with Your Child

elementary kids with books at school

4 Steps For Setting Academic Goals With Your Child When children are taught how to set and achieve goals, they learn that decisions have consequences and that hard work earns rewards. As your child sets and works towards academic goals, their self-confidence will grow, and they’ll take pride in themselves and their achievements. They will […]

The Mental Health Dangers of an Over-Stuffed School Schedule

Caucasian schoolboy sleeping or crying on table at textbooks with homework.

The Mental Health Dangers Of An Over-Stuffed School Schedule For their children to succeed as adults, many parents think they’ve got to be involved in numerous extracurricular activities. Perhaps we believe this abundance of activities will foster a sense of pride and accomplishment. But is this excessive involvement in activities doing more harm than good? […]

How to Help Your Child Balance School and Extracurricular Activities

Happy boys playing volleyball

How To Help Your Child Balance School And Extracurricular Activities There was a time when young kids went to school, came home and did a little homework, then went outside to play with their friends. Their schedules were open and easy for them to handle. Nowadays, more and more young kids are involved in so […]

Why You Should Limit Phone Time For Your Teen

black teen girl using phone before sleep

Why You Should Limit Phone Time For Your Teen When your child was small, they most likely couldn’t go to bed at night unless they had their favorite blanky or stuffed animal. Well, just because they’re “all grown up” doesn’t mean they still don’t have dependencies. Teens today can’t seem to go to bed, or […]

4 Tips for Parenting an Above Average Child

Smart child learning at home-writing at home

4 Tips for Parenting an Above Average Child If you’re the parent of a gifted child, you may be challenged with a unique set of circumstances. Your gifted child might be mentally above average, but have difficulty interacting with their peers; they may be immature, impatient, or easily bored. Your friends and family may look […]

Do Fidget Spinners Actually Help ADHD?

Young boy spinning fidget on his finger

Do Fidget Spinners Actually Help ADHD? They are beloved by children everywhere and a thorn in the paw of many teachers and parents. Fidget spinners have been flying off store shelves in recent years, touted as a gadget that can help reduce anxiety and treat symptoms of ADHD in young children. But are fidget spinners […]

Why to Avoid Using Toddler-Talk with Your Toddler

Father Cuddling with Toddler

Why To Avoid Using Toddler-Talk With Your Toddler When children become old enough to start school, they have already developed some kind of language ability. The degree to which kids use and understand language is important and has an enormous impact on their entire educational career. How Do Young Children Develop Language Skills? There is […]

How to Help Your Child Transition into a 2-Home Scenario After Divorce

Are mom and dad going to get divorced. Shot of a young girl looking sad while her parents argue.

How To Help Your Child Transition Into A 2-Home Scenario After Divorce Going through a divorce can be a tumultuous time for any adult, and for children it can feel like their world is falling apart. It can be confusing for children to have two homes, particularly in the early stages of divorce. But there […]

5 Reasons Your Child Should Be in Sports

African American friends playing basketball outdoor - Focus on faces

5 Reasons Your Child Should Be In Sports If your son or daughter spends too much time at home with a glazed look in their eye and the glow of a smartphone in their face, you might want to consider signing them up for school sports. Getting your child off the couch and active will […]