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How to Tell if Your Child is Being Bullied

Student bullying

How To Tell If Your Child Is Being Bullied If you think back to your own childhood, you remember there are generally two types of kids: The bully and those that the bully bullies. Most of us fell into that second group of kids. And don’t think for a minute that girls can’t be bullies, […]

How to Talk to an Angry Teenager

A blonde cute girl feeling frustrated while her father shouting at her

How To Talk To An Angry Teenager It’s well known that the teen years are the most trying time for parents. It may seem like their rebellion is personal, and that they’re determined to make your home life miserable; but in reality, this is a natural process. Your teenager is maturing both physically and emotionally, […]

4 Exercises to Help Teach Young Children Mindfulness


4 Exercises To Help Teach Young Children Mindfulness Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of your body and feelings in the present moment. If you’re silent for a moment, you will notice the subtle smell of your freshly washed clothing, the sound of your breathing, and watch a small leaf blow past your window. […]

How to Help Children Understand Terrifying Events

Scared and depressed child

How To Help Children Understand Terrifying Events As a parent, your job is to make sure your kids grow and develop in a safe and healthy environment. While it’s possible for you to control your immediate environment – your home –  it’s simply not possible to ensure the greater world around your child is safe […]

The Mental Health Dangers of an Over-Stuffed School Schedule

Caucasian schoolboy sleeping or crying on table at textbooks with homework.

The Mental Health Dangers Of An Over-Stuffed School Schedule For their children to succeed as adults, many parents think they’ve got to be involved in numerous extracurricular activities. Perhaps we believe this abundance of activities will foster a sense of pride and accomplishment. But is this excessive involvement in activities doing more harm than good? […]

How to Help Your Child Balance School and Extracurricular Activities

Happy boys playing volleyball

How To Help Your Child Balance School And Extracurricular Activities There was a time when young kids went to school, came home and did a little homework, then went outside to play with their friends. Their schedules were open and easy for them to handle. Nowadays, more and more young kids are involved in so […]

Why You Should Limit Phone Time For Your Teen

black teen girl using phone before sleep

Why You Should Limit Phone Time For Your Teen When your child was small, they most likely couldn’t go to bed at night unless they had their favorite blanky or stuffed animal. Well, just because they’re “all grown up” doesn’t mean they still don’t have dependencies. Teens today can’t seem to go to bed, or […]

4 Tips for Parenting an Above Average Child

Smart child learning at home-writing at home

4 Tips for Parenting an Above Average Child If you’re the parent of a gifted child, you may be challenged with a unique set of circumstances. Your gifted child might be mentally above average, but have difficulty interacting with their peers; they may be immature, impatient, or easily bored. Your friends and family may look […]

Do Fidget Spinners Actually Help ADHD?

Young boy spinning fidget on his finger

Do Fidget Spinners Actually Help ADHD? They are beloved by children everywhere and a thorn in the paw of many teachers and parents. Fidget spinners have been flying off store shelves in recent years, touted as a gadget that can help reduce anxiety and treat symptoms of ADHD in young children. But are fidget spinners […]