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Finding the Sweet Spot: Is Your Child Over-Scheduled?

Working from home with child. Busy business parents working while kid playing on laptop

Finding The Sweet Spot: Is Your Child Over-Scheduled? Families are busy these days. Between a parent’s busy home and work life, and kids in school with after-school activities, it can be hard to figure out a balance. Certainly activities outside of school will enrich your child’s life, but at what point is it adding value, […]

Why You Should Care What TV Your Kids Watch

Child watching TV with passion

Why You Should Care What TV Your Kids Watch Back when many of us were growing up, our parents would yell at us to shut the TV off and go outside and play. Parents of generations past knew that fresh air and sunshine were ultimately healthier than watching the “boob tube.” And back then the […]

Child Abuse: Recognizing the Signs

Dad listening to daughter`s problems with attention, supporting and calming her at home.

Child Abuse: Recognizing The Signs Every year, an estimated 700,000 children are abused in the United States; and every day, five children die because of child abuse. While these statistics are alarming, you may be even more surprised to learn that when children report abuse to an adult in their life, only 58% of those […]

How Meditation Can Help Your Child’s ADHD

Hyperactive kid looking for attention from her tired mother

How Meditation Can Help Your Child’s ADHD Attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common developmental disorders experienced in children. Unfortunately, there currently are limited options when it comes to safe and effective drug treatment. And even with suitable pharmacological interventions, many parents don’t like the idea of putting their young child on medications that […]

How to Tell if Your Child is Being Bullied

Student bullying

How To Tell If Your Child Is Being Bullied If you think back to your own childhood, you remember there are generally two types of kids: The bully and those that the bully bullies. Most of us fell into that second group of kids. And don’t think for a minute that girls can’t be bullies, […]

How to Talk to an Angry Teenager

A blonde cute girl feeling frustrated while her father shouting at her

How To Talk To An Angry Teenager It’s well known that the teen years are the most trying time for parents. It may seem like their rebellion is personal, and that they’re determined to make your home life miserable; but in reality, this is a natural process. Your teenager is maturing both physically and emotionally, […]

4 Exercises to Help Teach Young Children Mindfulness


4 Exercises To Help Teach Young Children Mindfulness Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of your body and feelings in the present moment. If you’re silent for a moment, you will notice the subtle smell of your freshly washed clothing, the sound of your breathing, and watch a small leaf blow past your window. […]

How to Help Children Understand a Parent’s Depression

Young millennial mother at home sitting alone in corner of empty house looking sad anxious depressed

How To Help Children Understand A Parent’s Depression Many parents experience clinical depression each year. As if the disease weren’t enough, recognizing its effects on your children can be quite painful. Studies have shown that children of depressed parents are at greater risk of not only developing depression themselves, but also of poor physical health, problems […]

The Struggles Children Face When Grieving the Death of a Parent


The Struggles Children Face When Grieving The Death Of A Parent When most people think back to their childhood, they likely recall many memories that involve their parents, as our parents are often the ones who help us develop our sense of self and provide the resources that allow us to have these memories. Our […]

How to Help Children Understand Terrifying Events

Scared and depressed child

How To Help Children Understand Terrifying Events As a parent, your job is to make sure your kids grow and develop in a safe and healthy environment. While it’s possible for you to control your immediate environment – your home –  it’s simply not possible to ensure the greater world around your child is safe […]